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Why Organic?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Living. Sustainable. Nature.

Three words that come to mind when I think of organic. We live in a world where the sad reality is we are slowly destroying our planet. The word “organic” is bigger than just eating organic foods or gardening using organic practices. It's a lifestyle. It's a way to become more connected with our planet. It's the future.

Now, most growers started and continue to use synthetic nutrients but as the cannabis industry grows, more people are making the switch to grow organically.

But, what’s the reason?

What if I told you that you can reuse your soil forever? What if I told you that reused soil will actually get better over time? This way you're saving the environment but also saving money. This means you don't have to flush chemical nutrients down the drain into our sewer system. You're using inputs that are natural from the earth. Whether you're starting a new soil or reusing your soil it will need to be amended. This involves adding organic matter into your soil such as kelp meal, oyster shell flour, rock dusts, compost and much more to maintain a well balanced soil ecosystem. You will ultimately do less work at the end of the day because you don't have to mix nutrient solutions with every water. Growing organically is a way for us to be more sustainable and recycle what the earth already has to provide. You will be able to save money, save water, decrease load on the sewage system and recycle waste. By choosing to grow organically you contribute to something much larger in the cannabis community.


Now, let's talk about organic gardening a little deeper. You've probably heard the term “living soil” and yes it's true, your soil is just as alive as your plants themselves. With inputs like compost, fish bone meal, kelp, rock dust, barley flour and much more, you're creating a system full of essential nutrients and minerals which are vital for plant health. Adding them to your soil builds a habitat for microbiology to bring your soil to life, hence the term “living soil”. Now you have microbes such as bacteria or fungi and worms breaking down all the beneficial nutrients from the organic matter, making them available for your cannabis plant to uptake. Give them some clean water, make sure you keep an adequate moisture level and watch your plants skyrocket. This system is called the Soil Food Web.

Let nature do the work.

There's a lot of science behind this and if you are looking to learn how the soil food web works, I highly recommend picking up the book “Teaming with Microbes” by Josh Lowenfels.

Now there's nothing wrong with growing your cannabis with synthetic nutrients. Is there a more sustainable way? Yes, but I encourage everyone and anyone to start growing their own plants no matter which way.

Now, to me, this is the basics on why someone should think about starting to grow organically. But how do you get started?

I'll be sharing my guide on how you can start growing your own organic cannabis.

Stay tuned.

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