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I often find myself wondering, what it is about cannabis that intrigues me so much. There's something so captivating for me, every aspect related to this plant has engaged me from the start. For you it could be when you rolled your first joint, maybe your first grow, or perhaps it’s history or healing properties. Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say cannabis has offerings for anyone and everyone.

At Touch of Love, we strive to build together as a community of growers. Whether you’re just beginning to gather materials for your first grow, have a few harvests under your belt or just playing with thoughts of cultivation, you are a part of the cannabis community

Join our community today! Sign up, post grow updates, grow questions, grow problems, we're here to talk about all things cannabis.

What content should you expect to see from us?

  • Daily Garden Updates

  • Product Reviews

  • Education

All active social links are at the bottom of the page.

Thank-you all for being here! Much more content to come.

Let’s elevate the cannabis industry one grower at a time.

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