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My Favourite Cannabis YouTube Channels of 2021

Today I would like to take the time to give some shoutouts to some of my inspirations in the community. Cannabis on YouTube is something that remains in the gray area, where cannabis creators cannot profit from monetization like other content creators can. Monetization is being able to use ads throughout your videos to earn a profit from your content. These creators have chosen to use a platform (YouTube) that does not encourage them to help educate other home growers. In saying this, cannabis creators are able to get sponsorships and do various types of membership programs in order to gather funds to help their YouTube channel. As it is a hobby for many, it's very discouraging putting your heart and time into this activity and not being compensated fairly when compared to other creators that are not in the cannabis space.

To summarize, these creators are such an important aspect to the fast growing cannabis industry worldwide. They take the time to educate and talk with growers of all skill levels to come together and improve in the garden.


The first creator I would like to highlight is Matt @Photosyntech on YouTube and

Instagram. Matt is a relatively new creator who started about 2-3 years ago and he's really built an amazing community that I'm glad to be a part of. Matt's YouTube channel features grow updates, interviews, contests and education which is more on the technical side. What I admire about Matt's YouTube channel is how transparent he is and the fact that he does not hide anything in his grow. He is always updating us on what is going right as well as what is going wrong. I think the most important part of his channel is the interviews he conducts. From small creators, big creators, and industry leading brands, this aspect of cannabis content has brought a different level of knowledge and growth to so many of us. Besides his YouTube channel, Matt has a discord and is very active in the DM’s. I’ve gone to Matt quite a few times via Instagram DM and the conversations have always been a pleasure. He takes the time to educate you and also directs you to where more great information can be found. You can also find him in his discord regularly just chopping it up with everyone but also continuing to help growers and educate them. Matt's channel has grown to 10k subscribers to start this year and it's well deserved.

From The Stash Podcast.

From the Stash Podcast came to fruition in 2021 involving a few of the OG cannabis creators Pigeons420, MrGrowIt and Rob from Cannabis Lifestyle TV. This crew has been incredible as a collective providing fairly long episodes of straight knowledge for the home grower. With many years of collective experience, each host really dives into their own growing styles and the different

perspectives come together in the end. With each of them having their own YouTube Channel(s) as well, this group is a huge part of cannabis content on YouTube. They've brought on a few guests to highlight certain industry brands, specialists in certain areas as well as other fellow YouTube creators. Again, I think this trio has been huge for cannabis content on YouTube as they are some of the OG’s. They've come together with completely different grow styles and provide us with content via their experiences. The diversity that this brings to the viewer is something very important as they communicate to a wide audience. From the Stash Podcast has grown to 16.5k subscribers to start 2022.

Build A Soil

Jeremy from Build A Soil is the mentor of many and has become one of the biggest influences for organic home growers. Jeremy started Build a Soil many years ago but really took off on YouTube this past year doing the 10x10 series. Many of us watched the channel grow before our eyes by thousands a week. While Jeremy does not focus on cannabis specifically, he has become very popular in the cannabis community. What stands out to me about his YouTube channel is the way his message is delivered. Jeremy really goes into depth and speaks with so much detail and passion that it really connects you to the video. Going through the 10x10 series Jeremy goes through the whole process of growing organic cannabis from seed to jar using the so-called “Build a Soil Way”. When it comes to my knowledge of growing cannabis organically, this is where my passion really skyrocketed. With book recommendations and just incredible knowledge from the Q & A’s, 10x10 series and the recent guests he has brought on, I've learned a lot. Jeremy is very inclusive with the community and is also very active on Instagram. He is very personable on his instagram page also showing what goes on behind the scenes on the business side rather than just simply growing, but also has been posting regular grow updates all throughout the last 10x10 series. I can imagine many people load the video as soon as they get the new video notification. Build A Soil is leading in the space of home-growers in my eyes and the content keeps coming and improving each time.

Huge Shoutout to Jeremy and everyone else over at Build a Soil for being a huge inspiration to many.

These are 3 YouTube channels I have been watching over the past year and found great value in. If you're looking for more cannabis content and you haven't checked any of these creators out, head over to YouTube and check them out.

Who are some YouTubers and Cannabis Creators that you are watching right now?

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