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Cannabis Company Review #1 - Coast Mountain Cannabis

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

We're back!

Today's review is going to be on the licensed producer, Coast Mountain Cannabis.

Coast Mountain Cannabis is located in the shadows of Mt. Currie near Pemberton, British Columbia. Their product can be found on BC Cannabis Store as well as Ontario Cannabis Store in very limited quantities. As of May 2021, Coast Mountain Cannabis has also been serving Medical Cannabis patients across Canada.

Coast Mountain Cannabis takes pride in organic cannabis cultivation. They grow in living soil, use microbial teas and practice hand trimming and slow drying. With being a small batch producer Coast Mountain Cannabis has the opportunity to cultivate in great detail resulting in premium craft flowers.

One of the most unique and wonderful things about this collective is that they are paired with One Tree Planted. They will be planting one tree for every cannabis plant they grow, with their goal being 300,000 trees over the next decade. They also use 90% renewable electricity and minimize the use of plastics in their containers.

All being said, It's a no-brainer that Coast Mountain Cannabis cares for our planet and is using many sustainable practices. After receiving my prescription for medical cannabis I knew that this was a place I would like to support.

Dealing with Coast Mountain Cannabis directly through phone and email has been spectacular. Mal was very quick to respond and help me with the problems I was having. This experience was unexpected as it's the first LP I have registered with using my prescription for medical cannabis. This showed me supporting a small batch producer who deals directly with patients provides a completely different experience in the cannabis market. You can really feel the sense of passion and care that the team at Coast Mountain Cannabis has.

Now, the flower.

I went with 5g each of the BC Organic Pure Cake Skunk and BC Organic Peanut

Butter Soufflé.

Upon receiving my parcel, I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging size. For 10

grams of flower, the amount of cardboard used for shipping was really heartwarming. When receiving orders from O.C.S the shipping box is unnecessarily large for what the contents are. Furthermore, the original containers that LP's use to package products themselves are also much larger than needed. The flowers were comfortably packed in this medium sized black glass jar with a plastic lid. From the small shipping package to the limited use of plastic once again Coast Mountain Cannabis shows their passion for sustainability.


Total Terpenes - 1.37%

Containing Caryophyllene, Limonene & Linalool as dominant terpenes.

Weight - 5.0 Grams

Packaged on - July 8th 2021

Price per gram - $11.00 CAD (Medical) $15.70 (O.C.S.)

When cracking the jar of Peanut Butter Soufflé a very soothing aroma of nuts and sweet lime filled my nose. This package only comes in at 1.37% terpenes which is something I was worried about, but the flower produced a very comfortable terpene profile. The nugs from this peanut butter soufflé are a beautiful medley of colours ranging from light and dark green to hints of purple. The bud structure was very unique as it showed signs of foxtailing but carried an extremely dense feel. The most noticeable thing about these flowers thus far was the quality of dry and cure they had received.

The buds were very dry to the touch but maintained an impeccable moisture level when taken apart and put into the grinder. The smell from the grinder was much different than the smell from the jar. The lime smell or limonene terpene present accentuated compared to how mild it was out of the jar. After admiring the colours and smells it was time to spark a joint.

The first few pulls on this Peanut Butter Soufflé were nothing out of the ordinary, just VERY smooth. I tasted hints of chocolatey hazelnut with an exhale of sugar-covered lime. The taste of the smoke was not very strong, but again contained a very comfortable and smooth terpene profile. At about halfway through the joint, hints of pepper had come on the exhale coating my mouth for a few seconds. My effects from this peanut butter soufflé were very focused and relaxed. I guess you could say I felt like a spoonful of peanut butter... All jokes aside this strain was not one to slap you across the face but I keep coming back to the word soothing. This is an effect I really appreciate as I had a heightened level of focus but not to the point of feeling energetic. If you're looking to kick back, get some work done or even just catch a movie, I think Peanut Butter Soufflé is a perfect strain for that occasion.

Being packaged on July 8 2021 this flower had contained its quality. Being such a low terpene percentage I was worried that it was going to be mild. This flower still produced a very respectable terpene profile that again was very very soothing.

BC ORGANIC PURE CAKE SKUNK (Layer Cake x Super Skunk Haze)

Total Terpenes - 2.44%

Containing Myrcene, Caryophyllene & Linalool as dominant terpenes.

Weight - 5.2 grams

Packaged on - May 12th 2021

Price per gram - $11.00 (Medical)

This cannabis had a serious odour when cracking the jar. That skunk smell comes through piercing your nose but eventually levels out with a light citrusy sweetness. This package carries a slightly higher terpene percentage at 2.44%. These nugs carry a very dense, compact bud structure and are light green in colour. As well as the Peanut Butter Soufflé these nugs have an impressive dry and cure which is something very admirable in the industry today.

While taking apart these nugs and putting them into the grinder it was even more noticeable how perfect they had been dried and cured. The smell from the grinder was very similar to the smell of the jar. I think Coast Mountain Cannabis has perfectly explained the smell of this strain in its name. Pure Cake Skunk. Time to smoke this one.

My first pull was noticeably strong, right away I can tell that this cultivar packs a punch. I tasted hints of lemon but the flavour so closely relates to the smell. At about halfway through the joint, I started tasting more skunky sweetness and the lemon was very subtle on the back end. The effects had already become very prominent at this point. This cultivar displayed a very strong couch locking effect for me; needless to say thank goodness my schedule was empty. Aside from the Peanut Butter Soufflé, the effects and overall experience from this cultivar were much different. Pure Cake Skunk displayed much more intoxicating effects. If you're looking to relax after a long day, I think that Pure Cake Skunk is a perfect strain for you.

Being packaged on May 12th I was very impressed with the quality of this flower. Coast Mountain Cannabis really knows what they're doing through the harvesting stage of their flowers. This strain really does pack a punch and the quality was incredible.

If you have a prescription for medical cannabis, I highly recommend checking out Coast Mountain Cannabis. From their mission as a company to the quality of their products you can tell their team has real passion for what they do.

Stay tuned for more

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