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Cannabis Product Review Post #1 - Cherry Punch by Organnicraft (Eric & Shan)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hey Folks,

This is the first of many blog posts in this series where we discuss and review a product that is available through the legal market in Ontario, Canada. Our goal with these posts is to inform you about these products and what to expect in return for your time and investment.

For the opening review we chose the flower “Cherry Punch by Organnicraft. Organnicraft is a collective based in the Okanagan Valley in Vernon, British Columbia where farmers are using organic practices to cultivate their cannabis.

This Cherry Punch is considered to be a craft cannabis, which generally means the plants are grown in smaller batches with care. This added care results in a greater price tag but also a higher quality cannabis flower. Selling for $14.27 per gram on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website. The container it had been packaged in was a beautiful, dark amber glass jar, which added a nice touch considering the increased mark up.

Upon unscrewing the lid and removing the seal, an aroma of cherry starburst poured out. It was clear their harvest team took extra care when trimming these buds as the flower was in impeccable shape. It identically resembled the product image on the O.C.S website which is something that is much appreciated. Weighing just under 3.5 grams, the flower was dense but soft, exhibiting a symphony of colours ranging from light and dark green to purple and yellow with beautiful orange hairs.

After grinding up the flower, the sweet cherry candy scent was much more prominent. The grinder was emptied which revealed the bud to be on the drier side but remained soft and fluffy which made it very easy to roll. (Lil Wayne lighter flick). Upon the initial inhalation, all the terps which were mentioned earlier came rushing in. This cultivar had such a unique and prominent sweetness resembling Swedish berries. Approaching the second half of the spliff, the sweetness of the myrcene faded and notes of humulene (woody) and caryophyllene (peppery) began to dominate. Although the myrcene became less noteworthy as the spliff burned, each exhale had settled into a comfortable sweetness. Approaching the end of the spliff the ash had become ghost white which shows how well these buds were cared for through harvest.

From cracking the jar, to the final hit of the joint, Cherry Punch by Organnicraft was nothing short of amazing. The fact is when we opened the jar, it felt like they had sent us the actual buds used for the picture on O.C.S. This is nothing to look over as these pictures are one of the only things we can base our purchase on. We've tried this strain on a few occasions, but Organnicraft has the lead by far.

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