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Cannabis Product Review Post #5 - Platinum Grapes by Organnicraft (Shan & Eric)

Hey everyone!

We're back with another O.C.S. flower review. This time we’re going with the Platinum Grapes by one of our favorite LP’s to date, Organnicraft. After thoroughly enjoying their Cherry Punch, we knew this was something we had to try. Platinum Grapes is a cross between Platinum Kush x OGKB grown by Agro-Greens Natural Products in Vernon, British Columbia. It retails on O.C.S. for $11.41 per gram and is currently sold out at the time of writing. The product is sold in 3.5 gram portions, which is exactly the weight that was received. It was packaged on September 20th, 2021, so it had been just over a month from the time of sealing to the time of opening. The total terpene percentage clocked in at 3.85%, containing limonene at 0.71%, myrcene at 0.64% and caryophyllene at 0.57% as the dominant terpenes. The most noticeable thing about the packaging was the extended amount of information such as, cure time, where it was grown, how long it flowered for and whether it was from seed or clone.

As the bag was cracked open, a very distinctive aroma of sweet grapes oozed out. Following the grape odour was a rich and thick aroma of cream, which complemented each other very well. The nugs had a unique look, exhibiting signs of foxtailing and dark purple hues with beautiful orange hairs. The pastel colour palette from the Cherry Punch had reappeared on this cultivar. The nugs were definitely dry to the touch but when breaking up and placing them into the grinder they carried a very admirable moisture level. The bag appeal from Organnicraft’s flower to this date has been incredible. After breaking down the nugs the scent had changed from sweet grape candy to a piercing gassy sweetness. The colours from the grinder were amazing with lots of different shades of purple and green just coated in crystals. These flowers rolled very easily as the dry and cure had been performed very well.

*Lil Wayne lighter flick

After taking a few pulls on the joint, the experience was very similar to the Cherry Punch as the smoke carried a distinct smoothness. The taste right away comes off as hard grape candy with a whipped cream aftertaste. Halfway through the joint, flavours reminiscent of floral and peppery notes had become apparent, while the grape flavour held its own throughout the experience. The spliff burned very nicely and carried a very nice white/grey ash. The effects began to creep in after a few moments, leaving the body relaxed and the mind at ease.

Organnicraft brings the premium organic flower once again. Our experience with the Cherry punch was very special being one of our favourites from the legal market to date. Platinum Grapes provided a very well rounded experience. From cracking the bag to taking the first pull on the joint this cultivar was very sweet and smooth. At 11.41 per gram this flower comes with impeccable quality that is coming constantly from organnicraft.

Until the next one..

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