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Cannabis Product Review Post #4 - Bandwagon Blue Dream by Homestead Supply (Shan & Eric)

Welcome All!

We are sure excited for this one!

Now normally what we'd do, is purchase a small quantity of flower, just enough to provide a fair review, but this time we did something a little different. We bought twenty eight grams of the Bandwagon Blue Dream by Homestead Supply, a Blueberry x Haze cross grown by Rubicon Organics. Rubicon Organics is also responsible for the cultivation practices for the LP, Simply Bare. This ounce of flower clocks in at $134.95 on O.C.S., being a very budget friendly option at $4.82 a gram. The total terpene percentage isn't stated on the package, but the dominant terpenes are myrcene at 1.09%, caryophyllene at 0.70% and ocimene at 0.40%. Their packaging described the aroma of the flower as sweet berries with citrus and the appearance as bright green with orange pistils. The product was packaged on August 30th, 2021.

When breaking open this bag, the scent was pleasantly overwhelming. The aroma of the sweet blueberries was so distinct. When taking a first look at the nugs, they so closely resembled the description provided on the bag. A surplus of medium sized nugs, that were light green in colour with beautiful orange hairs filled the inside. These flowers were quite sticky and relatively soft, which are desirable qualities to us as consumers. From the concentrated odour to the quality of drying these flowers had received, it was clear Rubicon Organics has mastered this aspect at their growing operation. After taking apart the nugs and grinding them up, the same smell of sweet fruit had been met with more of a pungent citrus aroma. The grinder displayed contents that were a light green colour while maintaining a soft and fluffy touch.

After consuming the Bandwagon Blue Dream on multiple occasions, a few characteristic traits were consistently noted during the experience. When taking the first few pulls, the taste was so familiar, reminiscent of sweet and tart blueberries. This cannabis was so flavourful and the taste was so closely represented to what it smelt like. Almost the entire way through the joint, this persistent sweetness of the blueberry was dominating with more of an earthier undertone. The effect from this cultivar was nothing to blow your socks off, presenting a relaxed but also uplifted high. If you are looking for a daytime experience, the Bandwagon Blue Dream is definitely something to consider.

As a whole experience, this cultivar is a pleasure to smoke. It is a first for us from Rubicon Organics and it's safe to say it won't be the last.

Have you tried Bandwagon Blue Dream?

What strains should we review from Simply Bare?

Let us know!

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