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Cannabis Product Review Post #3 - Georgia Pie by Cookies (Shan & Eric)

Hello Folks,

We’re back to share the next O.C.S. product review. The product we chose this time around was the Georgia Pie (Gelatti x Kush Mints) cultivated by Noya Cannabis under the Cookies brand. Unlike the Cherry Punch we reviewed last time, the Georgia Pie was not an organic cultivar. Rather, it was brought to the market by cannabis company Cookies, which started in San Francisco by rap artist Berner, and has become known worldwide. This was one of the first two drops by Cookies in the Canadian legal market, the other being Gary Payton which, along with Georgia Pie, are currently sold out at the time of writing. Now, let’s get into it...

The Georgia Pie is considered a craft cannabis, much like the Cherry Punch. Again, this means a higher price tag which was undoubtedly reflected in this purchase as well, coming in at $17.14 per gram on O.C.S. The total terpene percentage came in at 4.3% containing caryophyllene (1.2%), limonene (1%), farnesene (0.7%) and others at 1.4%. The design of the packet was an incredibly vibrant baby blue and had a gentle matte finish, providing a higher end feel.

After admiring the packaging, the top seal was ripped with a swift motion and a sweet, earthy aroma poured out of the bag. The nugs were emptied out and weighed just over 3.5 grams. In terms of moisture and vigour, they were second to none. It was clear their harvesting team has experience in preparing the flowers for consumption. Visually, the colour palate was pastel. Light green with light orange, almost peachy hairs and not to mention covered in a coating of white crystal like they had been rolled in sugar.

After breaking the nugs down, the grinder was opened and the scent amplified, as if the inner terpenes had been unlocked and released. The smoke was rich and heavy. The first few pulls felt like the spliff was rolled with pepper. The caryophyllene soon transitioned into a distinct flavour characterized by tarty sweetness with exhales of baked pie. This tarty desert flavour is most likely due to the farnesene and limonene present. As the spliff approached it’s inevitable end, the peppery notes returned, but in a much more bearable fashion. Overall, every pull brought a different terpene profile ultimately being dominated by the caryophyllene. The ash from the Cherry Punch was as white as could be, but the Georgia Pie was more of a salt and pepper mix which trended towards whitening up as the spliff burned.

So, is the flower worth the tag? The overall experience was fantastic, from the packaging to the very last toke of the Raw. The nugs had great overall structure, the smoke consistency was impeccable and the medley of terpenes came together in a combination so wonderful. This one was thoroughly enjoyed. So give it a try if you’re feeling it and you have some money to fork out, but there are definitely other products in the market that will do just as well.

Until we meet again

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