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Cannabis Product Review Post #2 - Banana Daze 510 Cartridge by BZAM (Eric)

One word.


BZAM has done really well when it comes to their 510 cartridges. The Magic Melon & Banana Daze both pack a punch but are known for their significant flavour. I've had a few cartridges from O.C.S but this one hits in all the right places.

BZAM is one of my favourite companies when it comes to their marketing. When

visiting BZAM’s website it's very comic book and arcade like, making it a fun, eye-catching experience to say the least. They provide a good amount of knowledge about their company and products. Proving that their team is passionate and dedicated to bringing quality to the cannabis market.

Banana Daze (Ghost OG x Skunk Haze)

Let's start with the packaging. BZAM offers a very sleek black packaging which I really enjoy. A lot of the packaging from the legal market ends up looking very cheesy with the labeling they need according to health canada. I think BZAM has done an awesome job in creating packaging that's simple yet professional.

Believe it or not I had a pretty easy time opening this package unlike some where I end up cutting it. When opening the package the 1g cartridge came out with rubber protectors on the battery site and the mouthpiece. The oil in the cartridge is a nice yellow/orange colour with an adequately viscous consistency.

Setting my 510 thread battery to medium strength, the first pull on this cartridge was something I haven't experienced to this date. The pleasantly overpowering taste of banana candy comes through on the exhale coating your mouth. The flavour of cannabis extract comes through but the banana overpowers it all. I took 2-3 medium sized hits from the pen before I started to feel the beginning of its effects. The high from this cartridge was very pleasant and relaxing. The dominant terpenes found in Banana Daze are Limonene, Caryophylenne and Myrcene. Strains that are high in Caryophyllene and Limonene have always produced a very happy and relaxed effect for me. This cartridge was no different.

BZAM really hit the spot with this one. I was pleasantly surprised with how much flavour came from this Banana Daze. This cart really hit the spot when it comes to flavour and effect. At the price point of $44.95 on O.C.S, I can't complain as it was a well rounded experience.

Have you tried any BZAM products?

Have you tried the Banana Daze?

Let me know in the comment section!

More reviews coming soon!

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