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Cannabis Company Review #2 - Ghost Drops

It's here.

The long wait is over and Ghost Drops has launched products in the legal cannabis market. Ghost Drops have been around for a long time in the legacy market and it's amazing to see them make their way legal. From our point of view Ghost Drops has dominated the Quality or Craft cannabis in the legacy market for many, many years. For a company with such a big reputation it's hard not to be expecting something amazing. Here's what we found.

Z-splitter by Ghost Drops - Shan & Eric

Lineage: Zkittlez x Atom Splitter


Eric’s Batch - 3.21%

Caryophyllene 0.71%, Limonene 0.67%, Farnesene 0.52%, Linalool 0.44%, Myrcene 0.20%, Others 0.67%

Shan’s Batch - 3.49%

Terpene profile was quite similar to Eric's batch

Packaged on:

Eric’s Batch - January 5 2022

Shan’s Batch - December 20, 2021

Grown by: Natural Earth Craft Cannabis

Like we mentioned, many of us have very high expectations for these 3.5g options as well as the 0.5g pre-roll on OCS and let me tell you.. they delivered. When opening the jar of the Z-Splitter there were a few very dense and fresh buds. The aroma was very potent, representing a lemon cleaner of some sort, with subtle hints of pine and lemon. The buds felt incredibly fresh and sticky making sense with its packaging date being less than 30 days before it was in my hand.

When busting up these nugs, they grinded very soft and fluffy. This is by far some of the freshest cannabis we've seen in the legal market to date. When opening the grinder, the aroma of pine sol and lemons elevated, creating a very piercing smell from Eric's batch whereas Shan had hints of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.

Rolling this up was no issue as it all stuck together very uniformly making the perfect joint. When sparking this Z-Splitter, the pallet was hit with a pine forward taste with a very pleasant sweetness to it with an extremely smooth inhale. Continuing through the joint, we noticed this might have been the cleanest ash we've have ever seen, not a sight of grey or black just pure ghost white. The flavour of sweet lemon and pine was fairly persistent throughout Eric's whole joint whereas Shan had more orange pekoe and cardamom notes.

The effects started at about halfway through the joint and by the end with a very stable level of energy. The effects were very focused and energetic with very minimal intoxicating bodily effects while remaining focused throughout the course of about 2 hours. One of the best things about this smoke was that there was no crash. The effects slowly eased off over the span of 3 hours; something very admirable for a daytime smoke as the crash can really take away from the entire experience.

Overall in our personal opinion this one is a 10/10. As far as a preference for daytime smoke, this hit on absolutely all levels. The citrus forward smell and taste is something preferred by us over other terpenes, as well as the energetic focused effect followed by no crash. Ghost Drops, this is a special one indeed.

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops - Shan & Eric

Lineage: GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato


Eric’s Batch - 4.96%

Limonene 1.17%, Caryophyllene 0.60%, Humelene 0.18%, Pinene 0.17%, Others 2.73%

Shan’s Batch - 3.16%

Limonene 1.3%, Caryophyllene 0.47%, Farnesene 0.27%, Terpineol 0.21%, Endo-Fenchyl 0.16%, Other 0.76%

Packaged on:

Eric’s Batch - December 16th 2021

Shan’s Batch - Packaged on: January 20th, 2022

Grown by: Selected micro craft producers

Now the First Class Funk has been one of Ghost Drops staples for some time. After opening the vacuum sealed containers, very wild smells oozed out of them. Smells reminiscent of playdoh, fresh compost, skunk, melon and carrot were dominant making this very confusing but extremely unique. I guess you could say, this one really had a funk to it.

Eric’s batch contained one very large, fresh and dense nug whereas Shan's batch contained a pile of medium sized buds that didn't carry the same density. When breaking up the nugs the aroma really amplified with smells so closely reminiscent of a fresh compost bin full of produce. As with the Z-Splitter, these nugs were very easy to roll up with them being so incredibly fresh.

It was hard to determine one dominant flavour after smoking it. Part of the reason may be because of the high terpene percentage and how extensive the terpene profile actually is. How an extremely fresh compost box would taste and smell is the most accurate way we could define our experience. There were times where carrots, specifically, were dominant. Shan's batch clocked in at 3.16% terpenes whereas Eric’s was at 4.96% but our experience was next to identical.

It's safe to say the First Class Funk was a heavy hitter. Immediately hitting in the head, it gave that slowed sense of vision easing off into a complete body stone. This was noticeably stronger than most of the cannabis we've smoked to date, really setting itself apart. This would be a strict evening/night smoke with the effects being very intoxicating.

First Class Funk gets a 9.25/10 from us. For an evening smoke, this one would hit on all aspects when it comes to effect. When it comes to the unique terpene profile this cultivar provides a wide spectrum of smells and flavours. Not being able to pinpoint the taste or smell is something that's very unique but not preferred by us. However, this does not mean that this product was horrible in any way. It is quite possibly a top 5 strain on the legal market and is a great choice for anyone looking for quality craft flower with a price tag that reflects its value.

Khalifa Mints 0.5g Pre Roll by Ghost Drops - Eric

Lineage - Khalifa Kush x The Menthol

Terpenes - 3.26%

Packaged on - Feb 3 2022

Grown by - Atlas Growers

Most that know me, know that I don't like pre rolls. Rolling a joint is possibly my favourite part of the smoking process. I like to have the fresh nugs so that I'm able to grind them up, smell them and roll them as I find it has a better overall taste this way.

This Khalifa Mintz pre roll had a very pungent floral and mint scent. When sparking it up, I was instantly hit with a strong thick smoke, with a palette of pungent sweetness almost representing a sweet floral perfume. The after taste and exhale brought the minty fresh flavour from the menthol parent which was very pleasant and not too overpowering. I almost got hints of pumpernickel bread throughout the joint.

The effect came on very fast and started very potent as a head high. As the time went by, I continued to have a good level of focus and alertness but at a very stable level, relating pretty closely to the effect of the Z-Splitter.

Ghost Drops, not much else has to be said at this point.. Coming from someone who has refused to buy pre-rolls, this has completely changed my mind. If I see this at a store, i'll be buying it everytime. There's good cannabis on the market but nothing is coming even close to what Ghost Drops has done thus far.


Ghost Drops really surprised us with their first legal market drop. These products provided exactly what we were looking for at the premium price tag at $54.95 for 3.5g and $9.95 for 0.5g pre-roll. Being a Canadian company Ghost Drops has been a staple in the legacy market for years. With the success and pure quality from the first drop, we are excited for what's next.

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