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Why Touch of Love?

Our Heritage

“Touch of Love.” A phrase Eric first heard when his grandfather would pour his favourite drink, a rum and coke. The drink wasn’t complete until he added an extra splash of rum, that “Touch of Love” he would say. As Eric grew, “Touch Of Love” grew to mean much more than just topping off a drink. It became a philosophy that signified going that extra mile for something you care about. Whether you're rolling a joint, tending to your garden or topping off your drink, doing things with a “Touch of Love” seems so fitting for every aspect in one's life.

Our Goals, Team, and Credentials

About Us

Our passion for cannabis stretches far beyond the incredible flowers these plants produce. For us, it's the healing properties and unique characteristics they behold. No matter the method of cultivation, any plant must be given a great deal of care in order to reach its true potential. At Touch of Love, we pride ourselves on being organic farmers, which allows our plants to flourish with the qualities we desire. As cannabis originates from the Earth, we have chosen a cultivation method which allows the plant to grow in its most natural environment. This is not only beneficial for the plants themselves, but also promotes an ecofriendly system that supports our ultimate goal of sustainability.

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